Chainless Bicycle? Is It Possible Or NOT?!

The chainless bicycle is a special kind of bicycle that transports power to the wheel through a different mechanics than a metal chain. This mechanism was invented over a century ago in England, but it never become popular.

Due to advancements in gear technology, some of modern shaft – driven bikes were introduced recently. The new thing is that the chain is replaced by a drive shaft from the pedal crank shaft to a set of gears on the rear hub. This innovation is very helpful for bikers – no more greasy or torn clothing and almost none maintenance. Also, your shoelaces will never be caught again. Because of all this things, your riding experience will never be the same – it will be more relaxing.


Who made it?

The creator of this bike is Sean Chan. He said that he was sick and tired of bicycle chain maintenance and all other problems we mentioned before. He wanted to fix all of them and to improve riding experience. He decided to make them chainless. At the beginning, it sounded like crazy idea. It took him almost five years to make the first prototype. His father, who was an engineer, helped him a lot. After all that time and hard work, the Chainless was ready to be shown to the world. Chan launched his bike via a Kickstarter campaign a few months ago.

When he was designing it, Chan wanted to satisfy comfort, portability, versatility and, of course, chainless – ness.  It was really hard task, but in the end, he was more than satisfied with the final result. The bike is adjustable, lightweight and has compact design. You can easily carry it up and down or store it. There’s no worry about links breaking or loosening.


How it works?

As we said, the Chainless replaces traditional bike mechanism with tungsten gears, which don’t rust and do not have to be oiled. The wheels are very interesting and unusual – they are made of high density magnesium alloy. You can find them in three different sizes: 20-inch, 24-inch and 26-inch. The Chainless is able to stop on a dime thanks to the front and rear brakes. Bikers find this very important for a long distance riding. RTS is activated with a Shimano lever – it turns the back wheel freely allowing rider access to unparalleled maneuverability. There are no tight corners anymore. You also have Lock – N – Go mechanism. Thanks to it you can fold bike in half for storage in just 15 seconds, so you can take it literally anywhere. You can order the Chainless on Kickstarter for only $799.


Pros and cons

Of course, there are discussions about advantages and disadvantages of this type of a bike. Older riders find chainless bikes smooth, quiet and they are good alternative to a conventional chain driver bikes. Purists aren’t fans of those bikes because of small reduction in pedaling efficiency and they don’t have the wide range of gears. Most of complains usually come from aggressive off road riders because it is a bit difficult to change the rear tire and in some situations this can be really big problem.

Buying this kind of bike may not be the best choice if you want to ride on mountains or on hilly terrain but it is ideal for casual, relaxing riding on flat terrain. It is the whole new experience.




Top Selling Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker Review

Although there are many different fitness trackers on the market, it is difficult to find the right one for you. It is advisable for a tracker to be slim, stylish and comfortable. It has to be able to count my steps at a glance, to have heart rate monitor capabilities and I have to access notifications easily. All of these you can find in Fitbit Alta HR. I was also interested in the regular Fitbit Alta, but there was only one thing missing – the heart rate monitor, so I looked for advanced model.


Display and Notifications

Before you start using it, the Alta HR may look ordinary, but that is not the case. The display is touchscreen, of course. You can’t really swipe across, but you can tap it to switch the display sections. All you need to do is to take your phone to see what is going on. When you get a text message, you will feel a light vibration on your wrist. Later, the info begins to scroll across, letting you know who send you the message and what is its content. The Alta HR is programmed to prevent laziness and it will tell you to get up at least once an hour. It will send you some cute messages to force you to be active. You can choose your daily goal – how many steps will you make. The optimal number is 10,000 steps, but you can also choose 5,000 or 15,000 – depends on your shape. You will feel strong vibration for few seconds when you pass your daily goal. You will also receive some congratulation messages.



You have to agree that the abundance is extremely important characteristic of any fitness tracker or a smartwatch. It is especially important for people with bigger wrists – they are worried because many of them can be too small. With this tracker you will not have that problem, for sure. You get a rubber strap, but there are also other straps if you want more elegant and classy look. You can order personalized straps – they will send you specific color or pattern. Changing the strap is simple and easy – all you need to do is to push the round button under the strap and lift it up. Pay attention to put them on the right side after all that.

Battery life

Battery life on the Alta HR is stunning. I am really amazed. I had to charge it only twice since I bought it. The first time was right after I got it. It was unbelievable because I used is pretty much. Advertises say that a battery life I about six or seven days, but in my case it lasts much longer than that. It includes a proprietary charger because they say that using some old chargers can damage your battery. They put on some protection but it may not be enough, and you shouldn’t take that risk. This battery is definitely the best I have ever used on any device.


The Fitbit app

The Fitbit create all-in-one fitness experience. If you download the app you can pair your Fitbit of choice or you can use it as a standalone health application. Even if you use it that way, you will be satisfied and you will see that it works perfectly. This app has very modern, eye-catching design. The colors are calming and pleasant. It is also pretty simple – everyone can learn how to use it very quickly. When you open it, you will see your day’s summary- number of burned calories, steps taken, miles walked and “Active minutes”. The distance does not have to be in miles, you can change it to kilometers. You can set up some kind of alarm to ring when you reach your goals.

The sounds are also very cheerful and relaxing. You can also see how many days you have been exercising, weight tracking, water-intake tracking, sleep information, heart rate monitor and an hourly activity guide. This is essential if you want to get in shape and if you want healthy life. We usually do not pay attention on these things and we do not have the realistic picture of the way we are living, but this app can help you with that. You can change settings and add or remove sections to make it appropriate for you and your needs. There are also a few extra sections – Challenges, Guidance, Community and Notifications.

The Challenges will give you different tasks on daily basis. The goal will be determined by your workout the days before. The point is to compete with your friends even if you are far from them. This is not the real competition, of course. You should give your maximum to reach the daily goal. You can connect your Fitbit with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, this won’t happen automatically, it will take a few second every time and there is no way to make thing faster.

There is also interesting addition –The Fitstar Personal Trainer which you can find under the Guidance tab. It gives you instructions, time required and amount of calories that will be burned during the exercising. You will have to install the Fitstar Personal Trainer app from the App Store. First, you will have to do “Fit Test” and after that you can start working out regularly.

The Community tab will help you to connect to other active Fitbit users. There are many different groups you can join, you just have to find the one you like the most. This app is free and you can use it even if you do not have a Fitbit by your side.


The cons

There are no many negative things about Alta HR. In my opinion, it would be better if you could actually scroll through the different sections and I noticed that the accelerometer is a bit slow – it doesn’t always activate the display right away. Maybe the biggest drawback is that the tracker isn’t waterproof. You can’t take it in the shower or in the pool with you. You also won’t be able to do the dishes, wash your hands or get caught in a rain storm without worries. This is huge problem because similar trackers are already offering water resistance for the same price or for the less. If you end up getting it wet, you should wipe it down quickly.



This is one of the best options on the market. I totally forgot that it is on my wrist until I got some notifications. The battery life, abundance and integration with Fitbit’s app are just perfect. The Fitbit is the right choice for you unless you want a bigger display.