Chainless Bicycle? Is It Possible Or NOT?!

The chainless bicycle is a special kind of bicycle that transports power to the wheel through a different mechanics than a metal chain. This mechanism was invented over a century ago in England, but it never become popular.

Due to advancements in gear technology, some of modern shaft – driven bikes were introduced recently. The new thing is that the chain is replaced by a drive shaft from the pedal crank shaft to a set of gears on the rear hub. This innovation is very helpful for bikers – no more greasy or torn clothing and almost none maintenance. Also, your shoelaces will never be caught again. Because of all this things, your riding experience will never be the same – it will be more relaxing.


Who made it?

The creator of this bike is Sean Chan. He said that he was sick and tired of bicycle chain maintenance and all other problems we mentioned before. He wanted to fix all of them and to improve riding experience. He decided to make them chainless. At the beginning, it sounded like crazy idea. It took him almost five years to make the first prototype. His father, who was an engineer, helped him a lot. After all that time and hard work, the Chainless was ready to be shown to the world. Chan launched his bike via a Kickstarter campaign a few months ago.

When he was designing it, Chan wanted to satisfy comfort, portability, versatility and, of course, chainless – ness.  It was really hard task, but in the end, he was more than satisfied with the final result. The bike is adjustable, lightweight and has compact design. You can easily carry it up and down or store it. There’s no worry about links breaking or loosening.


How it works?

As we said, the Chainless replaces traditional bike mechanism with tungsten gears, which don’t rust and do not have to be oiled. The wheels are very interesting and unusual – they are made of high density magnesium alloy. You can find them in three different sizes: 20-inch, 24-inch and 26-inch. The Chainless is able to stop on a dime thanks to the front and rear brakes. Bikers find this very important for a long distance riding. RTS is activated with a Shimano lever – it turns the back wheel freely allowing rider access to unparalleled maneuverability. There are no tight corners anymore. You also have Lock – N – Go mechanism. Thanks to it you can fold bike in half for storage in just 15 seconds, so you can take it literally anywhere. You can order the Chainless on Kickstarter for only $799.


Pros and cons

Of course, there are discussions about advantages and disadvantages of this type of a bike. Older riders find chainless bikes smooth, quiet and they are good alternative to a conventional chain driver bikes. Purists aren’t fans of those bikes because of small reduction in pedaling efficiency and they don’t have the wide range of gears. Most of complains usually come from aggressive off road riders because it is a bit difficult to change the rear tire and in some situations this can be really big problem.

Buying this kind of bike may not be the best choice if you want to ride on mountains or on hilly terrain but it is ideal for casual, relaxing riding on flat terrain. It is the whole new experience.




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