Boring Trip? Nothing to do? Try These Games For Your Smartphone.

Traveling is great, we all enjoyed. It is a perfect opportunity to escape the everyday monotony and try something new and different every once in a while. There’s absolutely no denying that pretty much everyone would agree with this. Sometimes however the journey is not as exciting as the destination and it can be rather tiring and exhausting even. 

At times like these we turn to those who can trust. Our tech, of course. 

There’s barely anyone nowadays without either a smart phone or a tablet. These have become our everyday companions and given the fact that you are here, on a tech and travel themed blog, we are pretty certain that you are no exception when it comes to this. 

For those of you unlucky enough to get stuck on boring trips that would rather “fast-forward” those moments to the actual destination, here are some great ways to pass time while on the go with the help of your trusted smart phones. 

We present to you the most enjoyable free to play video games that we’ve found. 



Jurassic World: The Game 

 What better way to pass the time on a trip to a foreign and possibly exotic place then with the game that simulates the experience of maintaining and developing a remote island Jurassic themed park! 

This is a great game for adventurous types looking to sate their hunger for the adventure and extraordinary at the same time. The game allows you to get familiar with the reptiles long gone and unleash your creativity at the time. You can even choose to focus your attention mainly on the creative aspect. This can be accomplished by utilizing the game hack (which can be found here: which will allow you to get everything that you need without having to worry about the potential failure. 


FarmVille Tropic Escape 

 Another exotic game but without bloodthirsty reptiles this time around. FarmVille is a well-known Facebook game which has grown over the years. One of its standalone expansions (so to say) focuses mainly on building and maintaining a secluded, exotic vacation complex. 

If you’re going to a similar place and simply can’t stop thinking about getting there, this is a perfect opportunity to sample some of the possible activities that you can expect there. Who knows, you might even get some crazy and creative ideas by playing the game like this. Definitely give it a go, it is absolutely free to play and you have nothing to lose by downloading it. 


Lara Croft: Relic Run 

 And what would an adventure game list be without the famous miss Croft? Incomplete to say the least. Chances that you are going to have an adventure of a scale that miss Croft tends to have on a regular basis are… Minimum at most. Even now this is a huge overstatement. You get the point. 

Anyhow, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and see how you would do in her shoes. Luckily for you, you don’t have to go to an exotic place or a desolate temple in order to have a proper adrenaline pumping adventure. You can simply download Lara Croft: Relic Run and get the next best thing that you can. 



These three should be more than enough to keep you occupied for a couple of hours. If you’re in for a very long trip, you can always download and play all three of them should you happen to get enough of a specific title from the list. 

Anyway, these are just some of the games that you can get to play on your smart phone. The market is bursting with free to play games and there is literally something for everyone. We have shown you our picks that we believe would be the best for a person enjoying the overall theme of our blog but, you are free to do your own research and pick your own past time. 

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