Best Portable Solar Chargers


The power of the sun is always on – that is the fact we often forget. Our phones and tablets do not have to be dead anymore – we can use solar energy to charge them.

Solar chargers can be used several times before running out of energy and they recharge very quickly if the skies are clear. Here’s the list of the best solar chargers you can find.


Voltaic Systems Amp Solar Charger

Voltaic Amp is pretty light and fordable. Capacity is about 4,000mAh and it has only one USB port. The battery can be disconnected from the solar panels so you can use it as a portable battery. The casing is waterproof and it is made from recycled materials. Voltaic Amp allows you to charge your phone in about 4 hours. The battery will shut off if it becomes too hot.



Solartab is impressive because it has 13,000mAh capacity, 2 USB ports and it can charge phone completely in 90 minutes or less. It feels heavy but it has 2.65 pounds. Solar panel has flexible stand so you can move it to catch the sunlight. You also have option to charge it though the micro USB cable, so you don’t depend on solar power if you don’t want to. It can be yours for $99.


Anker PowerPort Solar

Although this solar charger doesn’t contain battery, it can charge any portable device quickly with 21W of power production. The dimensions and the weight make it easy to store. The PowerPort Solar works perfectly in direct sunlight while it might not work so well when the skies are grey.


SLEXTREME Waterproof iPhone 6/6S Case

The battery has capacity of 3,000mAh and the panel is built directly into the case. To charge your device you only need to turn it upside down. This model is for the iPhone 6/6S but there is also a case for the iPhone 5 and 5.5. Because of its specifications this charger is very popular among the gamers.


Yolk Station Solar Paper

This solar charger is the most expensive – about $150. Its capacity is 5,400mAh and it has one USB port. The body is made of metal and the panel has extra protection from cracking. You can purchase reflector panels, which double the panel’s effectiveness. It is good for extreme conditions because it is waterproof and capable of charging underwater.



The ECEEN 13W 2 – port is light and thin. It has pouch on the back so you can stow your mobile while charging it. You can easily change position of solar panel. The price of $34 makes it the most affordable charger on the market. If you want affordable smartphone too, you should see the list of the Best Budget Smartphones.


Solio Classic 2 Portable Solar Charger

Solio Classic was the first solar charger. The Classic 2 is advanced version – it has bigger solar panels and you can charge it via USB when there is no sun. The capacity can be better but its portability makes it special.

I hope we helped you with these short reviews. All of these solar chargers are good and you won’t regret buying any of them. You should choose the one that will come up to your expectations.

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